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Kosher is a colloquial word term used to describe food that is produced under the rubric of biblical and talmudic law. Far from a rabbi ‘blessing' the food or the production, Kosher is simply a higher level of food safety, allergy protection and ritualistic security that benefits a large, and ever increasing, population. Jews, Muslims and Seventh-Day Adventists commonly rely on kosher certification, as do many with allergy concerns or especially keen customers looking for added safety measures. Kosher, while based on ancient tradition is grounded in real world concerns and security. It is the quickest way to let the customer know that one's plant meets the highest standards.     back to top




In recent years, sales of kosher products exceeded $12.5 billion annually (Mintel Market Research). As indicated above, studies have shown that aside from religious concerns people are drawn to kosher food for reasons including quality, a healthy lifestyle, food safety and allergy security.


In addition, bearing a kosher symbol often results in better store-shelf positioning. All of the above helps generate greater publicity, stronger sales and increased consumer satisfaction, and all with minimal capital investment on the part of the company.     back to top




BVK is a nationally recognized, and internationally accepted, not-for-profit kosher organization. Receiving certification through BVK gives the consumer confidence in knowing that a company's products satisfy the food quality and safety requirements they are looking for.


As a not-for-profit organization the BVK is able to keep its rates at a minimum, averaging at around half the cost of standard kosher industry rates, yet without sacrificing reputation and consumer reliance. In fact, getting certification through BVK doesn’t cost anything until and if a company is ready to receive their kosher certification (travel costs are sometimes incurred).


As a BOUTIQUE Kosher agency, we are known to limit the number of new customers we take on yearly, as we wish to assure our clients that they will always be dealing with the same people, consistant policy, and the same high-quality service. 


Furthermore, certification through BVK gives one the satisfaction of supporting a not-for-profit that is loyal to western New York and that has faithfully served the region since 1981.     back to top




The BVK's rates are significantly lower than most other certifications with the same level of consumer trust. We are able to do this through being a not-for-profit that is also supported by endowments based in our region The cost of certification varies depending on the amount of products a company is looking to certify, the location of the manufacturing plant and the amount of recurring visits necessary for each plant throughout the year, which is determined by the rabbinic administrator. However, no company is charged until they are ready to receive their kosher certificate. Charges only start from that period onward (travel costs may be incurred). There are no application or hidden fees. Once certification and its cost is agreed upon, quarterly billing commences.     back to top





We at the BVK understand that the prospect of becoming kosher can seem overwhelming. A company investigating kosher often feels that they are entering into a world they know little or nothing about. The BVK understands this and therefore seeks to make the discovery process as simple, friendly and non-commmital as possible.  


Here are the three easy steps:


1) Fill out the simple application, which can be found on the "application" tab above. There, one will answer some basic questions such as the products and/or number of facilities that one seeks to certify.


2) After an initial phone call (which can be done on Skype upon request) a representative will make an appointment to visit your facility so as to assess how to be on your way toward kosher certification. Once all parties agree to the custom made protocols and the routine checks to the facility as determined necessary by the BVK rabbinic director, the BVK will contact you with the yearly cost. It is at this point that the decision of becoming kosher is in your hands.


3) Should the terms be accepted, you will receive a letter of certification allowing you to begin immediate production of your kosher products. The BVK logo may now be displayed on your packaging and, if you wish, in advertisements. 


Congratulations, you’re now certified!     back to top


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