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     Founded in 1981 by Rabbi Yirmiyahu Kaganoff and with the assistance of Rabbi Gedalyah Felder z"l, founder of the COR (the Canadian Kosher Council), the BVK began simply as a way to serve local industry, consumers and visitors. Little did we know at the time the chasm that needed to be filled well beyond our immediate area.


     Our original charter was to provide the highest level of reliability and professionalism while keeping costs at less than half of industry rates. 


     Over time the BVK has evolved into a most unique, boutique certification council that is beloved by its customers and trusted world-wide. 


     Since our inception some 35 years ago, our reputation has grown and our responsibilities have swelled. In an unmonitored industry where over 2,000 kosher agencies exist it takes decades to foster a stellar reputation. We have the unique privilege to be recognized as part of the elite 10% of agencies that are accepted everywhere they are found.


     Because we do not charge unless certification is granted, feel free to experience for yourself what the BVK is all about. To set up an in-person consultation please email the BVK or, or fill out our application form. We do not pressure potential clients and all information is kept confidential. 

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